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Journey to ʻIkuā

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Introducing "Journey to ʻIkuā," an enchanting addition to the beloved Adventures of Nakoa and Nohea series, rooted in the culture and traditions of Hawaiʻi. Embark on a thrilling adventure with our young heroes as they explore the mystical realms of the Hawaiian islands, where ancient legends come to life and new adventures await at every turn.

In this captivating tale, Nakoa and Nohea find themselves drawn into a daring quest to uncover the secrets of ʻIkuā, a mysterious place steeped in legend and myth. With the help of their loyal companions and the wisdom of Hawaiian folklore, they must navigate through lush jungles, treacherous waters, and encounter mythical creatures along the way.

Nakoa and Nohea discover the true meaning of friendship, courage, and the importance of preserving the natural wonders of their homeland. From the majestic volcanoes to the shimmering shores, "Journey to ʻIkuā" invites young readers to explore the rich culture and vibrant landscapes of Hawaii, while igniting their imagination with tales of bravery and adventure.

Written by multi-award winning Kanaka Maoli, Kauaʻi born author Moana McAdams and vibrant imagery by multi-award winning illustrator Ryan Robinson, this captivating children's book is a celebration of Hawaiian heritage and the spirit of exploration. Perfect for readers of all ages, "Journey to ʻIkuā" is sure to enchant and inspire, leaving a lasting impression long after the final page is turned. Join Nakoa and Nohea on their thrilling journey as they uncover the wonders of Hawaii like never before!


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