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Yayi The Queen - Wildcard Chronicles Exclusive Bundle

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NAME: Yayi Ramos

STREET NAME: The Queen Of Hearts

SUPERBIKE: Ikuzu 1399 Phoenix ltd. QOH edition

CLAIM TO FAME: First Lady to wheelie 2 and 4 wheels, owner of the infamous QOH Bullies Kennel 

Yayi Ramos was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, New York to legendary grass roots activist and founder of the Youth Lords, who later evolved into the Latin Lords, Jose Ramos . Mentoring slightly younger girls of the streets like Lapis LaLa Capriatti who was not only her greatest student but would later become best friends to the point of sisterhood. With a strong sense of pride in her race/people,Yayi can often be found helping them in anyway possible. With her loyal companion  pitbull named Blue Label and  her samurai blade in hand The Queen Of Hearts is not to be trifled with. A master at the art of Bushido,Yayi lives by a strict code of honor forever keeping her blade close. She hears the "Call of the Warrior" upon the wind and never fails to answer!.

For a young woman she has a very old soul and wisdom is her most powerful weapon. Her DOMINANT DEMEANOR makes her a formidable woman which allows her to go toe to toe with any man. Through her father's legacy, 2-wheel domination and blade skills the Queen Of Hearts garners the respect of the Latin Lords and controls Spanish Harlem from 110th to 125th street. Yayi is the owner of Flesh Fantasy 5,the most talked about strip club in Harlem.

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  • Wildcard Chronicles Issue #1 NYCC exclusive signed by Author/Creator Nuri McAdams

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