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Trinity Kaos - Wildcard Chronicles Exclusive Bundle

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"KA" - The Egyptian term for the life force that dwells within the human body and lives on after death.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Maui, Hawaiʻi

DESCENT: Japanese, Hawaiian

STATION: Las Vegas

WEAPONS: A rotating two-position blade mouthed to her left forearm gauntlet and a glowing laser-edged charm that can be thrown.

ABILITY: Rapid Teleportation by way of the MPD5, a molecular phasing device. An ability fitting for one who prides herself on being late. Due to the limitations of the human body, the device causes heavy fatigue if not used sparingly. Trinityʻs acute awareness of her own KA gives her the ability to not only withstand the MPD5ʻs effects but also allows her to manipulate the device in such a way that she perfected a fighting method called the "Trinity Effect."

Learn more about the Wildcard Chronicles universe. 


  • Limited Edition Trinity Kaos exclusive art piece
  • Wildcard Chronicles Issue #1 signed by Author/Creator Nuri McAdams
  • Wildcard Chronicles Issue #2 signed by Author/Creator Nuri McAdams and Editor Moana McAdams



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