Back to Our Roots

Time has flown. It has been almost 20 years....but I wanted to share one of my proudest accomplishments to date. It weighs higher than my degrees (both masters and bachelor's) and certifications (Project Management (PMP) Information Technology (IT) and Contract Management). It has absolutely NOTHING to do with technology and EVERYTHING to do with using all you got to care for the land so that it can in turn care for you.

My dad was the hardest working man I know and he knew how to bring abundance from nothing. His green thumb was almost unmatched with the exception of the parents who taught it to him. I'm so honored and blessed that I know a fraction of what he knew.

We spent a good part of a Holiday Break between college semesters to create our lo'i (taro patch), a small tribute to the vast crops found in Kapaia Valley. It was back breaking but the sweat equity we put into cultural tradition and food source was priceless.

Every speck of dirt under my nails, every minute I spent listening my dad share his stories and teach me to farm..... I wouldn't trade it for anything (except maybe to hear his voice so I can ask him for a refresher).

Thank you, Dad.

We live in a tough time where so many are distracted from their connection to the land and have forgotten their roots but I hope to one day pass on what my Dad taught me. 

I share this with you because my dad influenced every aspect of my life.  My work ethic, warrior spirit, loyalty and respect for my family, and my love for helping those around me.  Everything I create could easily be attributed to what my dad taught me.  He is my role model, my hero, and my best friend.  

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