STORY OF THE DAY - True Roots of Cinco de Mayo

Ignacio Zaragoza, Cinco De Mayo, Moana Nui Podcast
Mexicans celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" for the defeat of the French at Puebla, Mexico in 1863.
The same French who tried to keep Blacks in Haiti enslaved and were soundly defeated turned to Mexico immediately after they gained their independance and tried to colonize and enslave them. The Mexican forces defeated them and that defeat is celebrated on the fifth of May as "Cinco de Mayo.
The Mexican republican army achieved a stunning, underdog victory against invading French forces. Locals quickly seized upon the victory at Puebla as a symbol of resistance in the face of European imperialism.
In like manner, it is about time the date that the Haitians defeated the French and declared Haiti a Black Republic be celebrated as an important day by all Africans in the Americas, from Uraguay in South America to Canada in North America.

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