2017 is off to a great start!!

Can you believe January is already over? Time flies so quickly!  Where do I begin?

As the New Year bells rang, I promised myself that I would be more focused and intentional this year.  I also vowed to share my knowledge with those around me.  A wise woman once said that "knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."

January Goals

  • Launch my newsletter
  • Work on our Kickstarter campaign
  • Execute the first print run of the WildCard Chronicles Rude Awakening Issue #1
  • Do not over worry, stress, or focus on the negative
  • Spend time with family 
  • Connect with other small business owners and identify ways to collaborate and grow organically, but more quickly
  • Pilot "Shop by Size" Facebook Live sales 
  • Sew dresses and tops for our Spring collection
  • Create prototype for a new product concept

 January Accomplishments

  • Launched my newsletter and already have over 1600 subscribers.  Be the first to receive our latest updates and sales!
  • Started Kickstarter campaign 
  • WildCard Chronicles Rude Awakening Issue #1printed and available for sale!!
  • Focused on positives in my daily life and recorded things as they happened so that I could be grateful and appreciative
  • Spent quality time with the Jokers Revenge family  
  • Laid the foundation for Spear Hui to connect and unite the movers and shakers in my circle who are ready to elevate themselves and their projects
  • Successfully hosted 7 Facebook Live sales 

While I did not meet every goal that I sent out to achieve, I made amazing progress with the help of my new Passion Planner.  So happy that I invested and made time time management a priority for 2017!  

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